Sober Rave Fest

Awaken Festival Presents Conscious Clubbing & Sober Rave Weekender Fest.

The Awaken Festival presents a small and intimate sober micro pop up boutique spiritually based festival. Specifically for conscious clubbers & sober ravers – a part of the festival ethos is based around the concept of ecstatic dance. Sober raving and ecstatic dance go hand in hand as they are both based around sobriety. Ecstatic dance is all about letting go of self-imposed restrictions in a safe environment. Not having to have any association with alcohol or drugs. and that includes being surrounded by those who do.

The festival incorporates music and dance that is all tied in with a spiritual ethos. Run over a week-end (3 days- Friday to Sunday) there are no other festivals around today (certainly not here in the UK anyway) that incorporates everything required to have a fantastic experience and all for the price of the ticket. Just turn up with your case or bag and you don’t have to worry about anything else – apart from having a great time.

As you may be aware festivals can be pretty expensive. According to research carried out by the Association of Independent Music Festivals in 2014, on average every visitor who attended a festival spent on average more than £466. This did include the actual ticket price itself, but not the additional cost of providing the accommodation, which added to this figure. Our mission is to offer every festival goer who attends our festival the possibility of not having to spend a single penny more than the ticket price (unless you want to) for the duration of our festival.

The location is likely to be in the Cotswolds, however this needs to be finalised.

The conscious clubbing fest offers a real shared community spirit as we only sell a small number of tickets in order to make our festival a truly unique and unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Let’s face it. Most of us has been to festivals, whereby due to the vast number of festival goers, we often pass each other, like ships in the night! The Awaken Festival gives you an opportunity to make new friends and share your love of everything spiritual with them.

You have heard it said before and it is certainly true at an Awaken Festival “Arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend.”

So exactly what is included in the “Conscious Clubbing Fest” here is a list as follows:

Camping Tent Accommodation – (included in the ticket price) Early Bird ticket purchasers will be given the option of single compartment accommodation in a tent that can accommodate up to 4 people.

Please note: The tent configuration allows for a second single/couple to be accommodated across from your compartment. Should you share your compartment with a second person and you have purchased an “Early Bird” ticket, then you will be entitled to receive a £10 discount each on the ticket price paid. This payment shall be made after the festival has taken place.

Please don’t be confused with offers of “Free Camping” only to find you need to buy your own tent and carry it to and from the festival. The Awaken Festival is truly unique in that you simply turn up with your weekend bag and leave the rest to us.

Food: You will be given 5 food vouchers (included in the ticket price) to purchase food from any of the traders at the venue. Please note that there will be no meat products sold on the site, with the food traders proving either vegetarian or vegan food.

4 plus hours of free Yoga & Meditation classes (2 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday -included in the ticket price)

Sober Rave Fest

Fundraising: Part of the profits generated will go to our addiction project. One of the main reasons why donating to a “not for profit” addiction organisation is the relationship between addiction and sober raving. Whilst many people choose to not drink or take drugs, as a lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, many people do not have such a choice and by deciding to take the sober path, it is for many daily struggle in their lives. For these people who are on such a journey it very often means giving up their former life completely and taking a new path or direction in their lives. Conscious clubbing or sober raving gives many people with an addiction or dependency background, the opportunity to enjoy everything that is good with music and festivals, in a safe and stress- free environment.

Festival Times: Friday 12.00 noon official opening – Sunday 12.00 midnight official closing. All ticket holders must vacant the site by 12.00 noon Monday.  All ticket holders must be prepared to sign an agreement that will leave behind only footprints. We are committed to making the festival as Green as possible.

Workshops: There shall be a number of free workshops available to you – all relating to the overall ethos of the Awaken Festival. These will include yoga & meditation classes with more to be added.  You will also find an interesting array of spiritual traders and service providers.

The Main Marque:

Music: The main marque has music that is based around “EDM House Based Music” which will delivered by up and coming DJ’s from around the UK. However, you can also experience other forms of music genres including the exhilaration of Tribal House Dance Music, Chillout sets plus a lot more. In essence, the musical theme of the festival will be based around having a spiritual connotation.

Chillout Marque:

The chillout marque is there for festival goers who want space to relax and chillout. In particular it is there for people who are feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the whole festival.

Security etc: There shall be both security and first aid present at the festival for your health and well-being.  We operate a zero drugs policy along with a zero tolerance of any drunken behaviour. Any person causing problems for any other ticket holder/s, shall be removed from the festival by security – permanently.

Parking:  More details to follow.



Register below for SUPER EARLY TICKETS NOW (only 50 available) for 25% discounted price of £185.99. Tickets to be released around April 6th 2019 

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