spiritual music festival accommodation

The Amazing Spiritual Music Festival Food And Accommodation Concept.

The Spiritual Music Festival operates differently to all other festivals in so many aspects with “Food & Accommodation”  being just one example. As you may be aware festivals can be pretty expensive and according to research carried out by the Association of Independent Music Festivals in 2014 each visitor spent on average more than £466 – which did include the ticket price. Our mission is to be able to give every person who attends our  festival the possibility of not having to spend a single penny during the duration of the festival.  So with food and the camping covered the opportunity will always be there if needed.


Every person who buys a ticket for the Spiritual Music Festival shall be given 5 tokens which allow the ticket holder to redeem them at any food stall on site. A list of the different types of food that will be available shall be published as soon as they have been confirmed. Please note that each token will allow the purchase of Food only in  many cases, although this could change closer to the date of the festival.

Camping Accommodation. 

There are likely to be a number of variations of accommodation as we get closer to the weekend of the festival. However, as a ticket holder you will be offered the opportunity of staying in a very small two person tent that will be provided by the organisers. You are perfectly welcome to bring your own tent if you prefer to do so. It envisaged that we shall have larger and more luxurious glamping tents available for small groups – however these more luxurious will attract an additional charge to that of the basic ticket price.

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